MS Suri BirbhumDL EAP_NEW_BDL_MSS_00005

ID: 110259
Works contained:
Located in: Suri
Other number: EAP_NEW_BDL_MSS_00005
Also collected in (Collection): EAP BDL MSS Digital Collection
Oldness: Fairly old
Year: 1701 c.
Year in Śaka: 1623
Script: Bengali
Material: Palm-leaf
Condition: Damaged
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Number of folios: 12
Extant sheet range: 0, 53–54, 4–13
Lines per page: 4
Letters per line: 60
Sheet dimensions: 43.0 × 5.0 cm
More facts:
  • The folios seem to be a part of a larger codex that contains certain pūjāpaddhati texts.
  • The recto of the first folio contains a list of materials required for performing the pūjā. The verso contains a paddhati text, a list of contents (vratārambhaṃ, lalitāsaptamī, dūrvvāṣṭamī, anantavrataṃ, dūrvvalalitārambhaḥ, navavadhū-amāvasyā), two dates (śakābdāḥ 1623 and śakābdāḥ 1627) and personal names (śrīmatī satyabhāmā ṭhākurānī, baḍavadhūmātā). The next folio is not paginated and it begins with a pūjāpaddhati text about worshipping elders on the occasion of birthday (janmadivasanimittakagurvvādipūjanam). The page number of the next folio is 54. It is not clear if this text is continued from the previous folio. Inking appears to be slightly different here. The next folio is the fourth folio of a text called the 'Anantavrata'. The initial 3 folios of this text are missing. Two page numbers are found from this folio onward. This folio 4 is also paginated as 76. The text ends on folio 12 (also folio 84). Another text called the Dadhisaṅkrāntivratakathā begins here with a different inking. The next folio containing this text is not paginated and the folios after this one are missing.
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