ID: 109937
Full name: Yajurvedavicāra
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Vedalakṣaṇa
Length: 670 Granthas
Name in local script: यजुर्वेदविचारः
  • Definitions, divisions and other particulars relating to the Yajurveda, especially of the Taittiriya Saṃhitā by an anonymous author who quotes among others: Aitareya Brāhmaṇa , Mādhava, Dhūrtasvāmin, Kapardisvāmin, Hemādri, Nṛsiṃhaprasāda , Kālādarśa, Prayogapārijāta and contains portions of the Caruņavyūha and commentary thercon. It contains leven verses on the geographical distribution of the Vedic Sākhās (atha deśeșu vedaśākhayor vibhāga ucyate). It also contains the verse: sa bhāvaḥ kāmatā jagdhiḥ.. with a commentary. Col.: Taittirīya-yajurvedasya vicāraḥ. (Aithal, p. 504)
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