ID: 109529
Full name: Rasārṇavasudhākara
Attributed author: Siṅgabhūpāla
Year: 1400 c.
Site of composition: Rācakoṇḍa
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Nāṭyaśāstra
Genre: Textbook
Structure: 3 chapters called vilāsa-s.
Alternative names: Rasasudhākara, Rasārṇava, Siṁhabhūpālīyam
Name in local script: रसार्णवसुधाकर
More facts:
  • The Rasārṇavasudhākara is attributed to Siṅgabhūpāla by his courtier Viśveśvara paṇḍita in the Camatkāracandrika.
  • It is possible that the RAS was written jointly by Siṇga and Viśveśvara.
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People mentioned in this work: Anapōta Nāyaka
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