MS Vienna OBVSG Stein & Hügel Collection Indicus 87

ID: 109271
Works contained:
  • Note: title identifiable: bālabo [bālabodhaḥ?, bālabodhinī?]
Located in: Vienna
Accession number: Indicus 87
Serial number: 84
Script: Sarada
Material: Birch bark
Condition: Poor
Physical completeness: Incomplete
More facts:
  • Unclear text
  • Crumbled by touch
  • The writing inside is well preserved and legible
  • Without restoration
  • No review was possible
  • History of the manuscript: Bühler (?)
  • Leather-binding
More info:

Up on contacting the library, Katharina Kaska informed that the manuscript is packed for conservation purposes and should not be opened due to its poor condition. It is about a 10cm high book block. Photography or use are unfortunately entirely excluded. At the moment there are no plans to restore these or other birch bark manuscripts.

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