ID: 109000
Full name: Apaśabdanirākaraṇa
Attributed author: Jagaddhara
Language: Sanskrit
Genre: Prakaraṇa
  • Bühler collected a Sharada manuscript of the Apaśabdanirākaraṇa from Kashmir and in his catalogue he listed this text under works on grammar and mentioned Jagaddhara as its author (p.xviii). But this attribution seems erroneous. For we know from the descriptive catalogue that the manuscript does not mention its author and the same manuscript volume contains a citrakāvya work by some Jagaddhara in praise of certain Saṅgrāma Siṃha, son of Pratāpasiṃha. Possibly, this is why Bühler mistakenly attributed the work Apaśabdanirākaraṇa to Jagaddhara. We do not in fact know whether the author of this citrakāvya is our Jagaddhara. Another Devanagari manuscript of the Apaśabdanirākaraṇa preserved in Sri Ranbir Sanskrit Research institute, Jammu mentions no author either. In Stein's (1894, p.134) and Patkar's (1984, pp. 598-599) catalogue, the text is listed under the works on Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika and Nyāya respectively.
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