MS Pune BORI 1875-76 Kashmir Manuscripts 297/1875-76

ID: 108997
Works contained:
Located in: Pune
Accession number: 297/1875-76
Currently collected in (Collection): Bühler 1875-76 Kashmir Manuscripts Collection
Other number: 43
Script: Sarada
Material: Birch bark
Condition: Damaged
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Number of folios: 348
Lines per page: 20
Letters per line: 22
Sheet dimensions: 8 × 10 inch
More facts:
  • Not microfilmed by IGNCA because it is damaged.
More info:

The Ms. is written on well seasoned Bhūrjapattras in Śāradā characters. The Bhūrja or papyrus leaves are as usual pasted back to back so as to make them thick and serviceable for writing purposes The margins of the leaves, which have become very brittle are secured by patches of paper and the whole work is bound in half-leather like a modern book. Inspite of the care taken for its preservation some leaves have been damaged, especially at the beginning and the end. The first leaf is missing altogether and only 3 or 4 lines of the second remain. Foll. 22-26 are bound in a wrong order -- thus 22, 26, 25, 23, 24. Contains both the pūrvārdha and the uttarārdha, which commences on fol. 272a. The last few leaves are missing.

The Ms. is much old in appearance.

Begins-- fol. 2. The portion of the a side which remains is scribbled over with illegible writing giving probably the Janmakuṇḍalī of some person. The first of the 5-6 lines of the b side that remains begin asti ca pā...khyatantre pratyāhārā etc.

Ends-- The Ms. breaks in the midst of the Com. on Sūtra 4.6.93 (Prof. Eggeling's edition, which is given on the a side of leaf 348. The following leaf contains some illegible scribbling not properly a part of the work.

Reference-- See No. 299 of 1875-76 [= Serial No. 41]. The kṛt section contains the Uṇādipāda, which commences on fol. 319b and ends on fol. 332a.

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