ID: 108961
Full name: Arjunasvāmin
Gender: Male
Year of birth: 1425 c.
Social identifiers: Ācārya
Place of birth: Kashmir
Alternative names: Kṣīrasvāmin (erroneous)
  • In a colophonic phrase of a manuscript of Bālabodhinīprakāśa Arjunasvāmin was mentioned as Śitikaṇṭhasvāmin's father. The name of Śitikaṇṭhasvāmin's father mentioned in the BORI Descriptive Catalogue Vol. 2, part 2. p. 49 as Kṣīrasvāmin seems erroneous. The similarity between Sharada ligatures of 'rjuna' and 'kṣīra' are described by Alessandro Graheli in one of his forthcoming articles. New Catalogus Catalogorum Vol. 34 p. 50 mentions Haidar Śāha as Śitikaṇṭha's father. This is entirely wrong. Śitikaṇṭha mentions Haidar Shah in his Bālabodhinīprakāśa as a ruler during the reign of whom he composed the text.
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Father: Yodha
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