Someśvara Bhaṭṭa

ID: 108880
Full name: Someśvara Bhaṭṭa
Gender: Male
Social identifiers: Bhāradvāja, Bhaṭṭa
Place of birth: Kashmir
Activity year: 1150 c.
Name in local script: सोमेश्वर
More facts:
  • Peterson and Aufrecht identify him with Someśvara, the author of Kīrti-kaumudī and Surathosava from the first half of the 13th century (cf. De, vol. 1, p. 159).
  • Someśvara’s reference to the Pratyabhijñā School of Kashmir might indicate that he was Kashmirian (cf. De, vol. 1, p. 159).
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