ID: 108842
Short name: Bankapura
State: Karnataka
Current district: Haveri
Alternative names: Bankipura, Bankiyapura, Vaṅkāpura
Name in local script: ಬಂಕಾಪುರ

Founded by Baṅkeyarasa, Baṅkāpura was a capital of the Banavāsi province ruled by the Baṅkāpura Kadambas and later the Cellaketana-s. The city had a shrine to Śāntinātha, along with an associated monastery. It was here that Guṇabhadra completed the Uttarapurāṇa ( the second part of the Mahāpurāṇa begun by Jinasena II ) in 897 CE.

The Gaṅga chieftain Mārasiṁha III died here by the sallekhana rite in 975 CE, in the presence of his teacher Ajitasena Bhaṭṭāraka.

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Died here: Mārasiṁha (III)
Been here: Mārasiṁha (III)
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