Iyer 1952-1953

ID: 108755
Print kind: Article
Short name: Iyer 1952-1953
Print title: Acyuta Piṣāroṭi : His Date and Works
Journal name: Journal of Oriental Research Madras
Author: Iyer, Venkitasubramonia.S
Year: 1952
Until year: 1953
Pages: 40-46
Volume: XXII
Issue number: I-IV
Discipline scholarship: Vyākaraṇa
Language scholarship: Sanskrit
State scholarship: Kerala

Iyer, Venkitasubramonia.S. Acyuta Piṣāroṭi : His Date and Works. Journal of Oriental Research Madras. Vol XXII Parts I-IV. 1952-53 pp. 40-46.

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