ID: 108586
Full name: Allopaniṣad
Alternative names: Allopaniṣat

A compound Skt.-Islamic charm in which figure Varuṇa, Mitra and Allah; evidently a text pertaining to Akbar's Dīn Ilāhi. The Islamic ‘Ilhām’ meaning ‘Intuition’ or ‘Revelation’ is perhaps identified here with the Vedic goddess Iḍā or Ilā. Schraeder suggests that the excuse for mixing up Mitra-VaruṇaAllah or Ilā is Bṛh. upaniṣad VI. 4. 28. ilAsi maitrAvaruNI and points out that in an old Bombay edition the text carries a col. ‘lakSmyupanipad’.

-- NCC 1, 410

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