MS Chennai GOML 13092

ID: 108248
Works contained:
  • Extant portions: covers the 3rd adhyāya of the Sūtrasthāna
Located in: Chennai
Shelfmark: 13092
Script: Kannada
Material: Palm-leaf
Condition: Damaged
Number of folios: 76
More facts:
  • This MS covers ff. 1-76 of MS GOML serial no. 13071.
  • Ff. 77-end have a commentary on the Aṣṭāṅgasaṅgraha.
  • The cataloguer notes (p. 8789), "As there are very many gaps in almost every line of the work and as there are numerous scribe's errors it is difficult to identify completely the portion contained in the manuscript"
Print sources
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