MS Chennai GOML R 2983

ID: 108242
Works contained:
Located in: Chennai
Shelfmark: R 2983
Former identifier: S. R. 1561
Year: 1920
Script: Malayalam
Material: Paper
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Number of folios: 254
  • On June 26, 2024, Christophe Vielle wrote an email to Dominik Wujastyk including the following provenance information: MS Chennai GOML R.2983 was "transcribed in 1919-1920 from a palmleaf manuscrit belonging to a Ayurvedic family of Trippunithura ("M.R.Ry. Vaidyan Vāryar, Tirappanattura") and the same family had still the manuscript when the "Trippūṇittura V - List of mss. belonging to Âyurvedavidvān T. Kunchu Varier" was made for the NCC sometime after 1937 (cf. the "Handlist of Uzhuttaria Varier reconstructed from entries in NCC" made by Dominik in 2020). This palmleaf ms., having the number 4 in this private collection, remains now untraced. "
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Yamashita and Zysk note that this MS was said by Haridatta Śāstrin to be an apograph of a MS owned by Uzhuttara Variyar of Thrippunittura. See the list MS Trippunittura Uzhutra Warrier V. 4

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