ID: 108197
Full name: Gūḍhapadabhaṅga
Author: Brahmadeva
Discipline: Vaidyaśāstra
Alternative names: Gūḍhapadabhaṅgaṭippaṇa
More facts:
  • Cited by Ḍalhaṇa at Su.ci.14.10, Su.ci.18.25-26 and Su.ci.38.106-111

NCC says, "A ms. d. Saṃ 1554 has been acquired by the BISM." BISM is probably the Bharatīya Itihāsa Saṃśodhak Maṇḍal in Pune. This work is not mentioned in Khare's 1960 BISM handlist.

Meulenbeld, HIML, IA, 383 says

"The Gūdhapadabhaṅgaṭippaṇa was probably a collection of short comments on the Suśrutasaṃhitā. The work is quoted by Ḍalhaṇa and Śrīkaṇṭhadatta. The former rejects one of the interpretations of its author on the authority of Jejjaṭa. P. V. Sharma assumes that the work belongs to the eleventh century."

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This work is a commentary on: Suśrutasaṃhitā
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