ID: 108126
Full name: Traivikrama
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Nāṭya
Genre: Play
Other genre: Vīthi

The Traivikramam is a one-act ‘play’, possibly a vīthī, with two characters – the sūtradhāra and a naṭī, discussing a painted panel. It was discovered by Manavalli Ramakrishna Kavi, who suggests authorship by Bhāsa or either of the Pallava kings - Mahendravikrama or Narasimhaviṣṇu.

Lockwood and Bhat point to the striking similarity between the painting described in the play and the Trivikrama panel in Mamallapuram.

This play is cited in the Abhijñāna‧śakuntalā‧carcā (ca. 15th century) – an anonymous text from Kerala.

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