MS Pune BORI 693-1887-91

ID: 103056
Located in: Pune
Shelfmark: 693-1887-91
Catalog: Katre 1963 (pp. 98)
Script: Devanagari
Material: Paper
Condition: Good
Size: 10 in. by 5 ⅞ in.
Extent: 21 leaves; 16 lines to a page; 27 letters to a line.
Completeness: Incomplete
More info:

Dark country paper; Devanāgarī characters; handwriting medium, bold, uniform, careless. Wide margins ruled with double red lines. Yellow pigment used for deletion. Marginal additions and corrections. Red chalk smeared over text and lemmata. Fol. 1a. contains the title vedāntasāra… | patra… | within a red rectangle made up of double red lines. In a slightly different hand follows a Vedic verse yasminvaśvāni etc., at bottom left, in the same hand which wrote the title: anubhavaprakāśgramatha patre 70 jāmanerāta bhinkabhaṭa, evidently foll. 22-50 are missing. Fairly old.

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Contributors: Sukshmadarshi Maharaj
Attributed to: Vedānta BORI