MS Pune BORI 270-1882-83

ID: 101222
Works contained:
Located in: Pune
Shelfmark: 270-1882-83
Table of contents:

Verses Folio

I 120 11b

II 65 17a

III 32 20a

IV 45 24b

V 58 29b

VI 26 32a

VII 31 35a

VIII 8 36a

IX 4 36b

X 4 37a

XI 2 37b

XII 2 38a

XIII 15 40a

Script: Devanagari
Material: Paper
Condition: Good
Physical completeness: Complete
Number of folios: 40
Lines per page: 8
Letters per line: 34
Sheet dimensions: 10 ³⁄₄ × 4 ⁵⁄₈ inch
More info:

Country paper thin, rough and dark grey. Devanāgarī characters. Handwriting bold, clear and uniform. Borders ruled with double red lines. Names of speakers or works cited in red, as also punctuation marks. The title is also given simply as Bhaktiratnāvalī, see verse 15 of the last section. Old.

Author: Viṣṇupurī

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