Elena Mucciarelli

Content editor in project: Premodern Kannada
Accredited for 15 entities
Dr. Elena Mucciarelli: M. Phil. in Classical Philology (University of Milan). Ph.D. in Indology (Universities of Tübingen and Turin, 2011). Her areas of interest are the old Indian ritual and poetic traditions (Post-doctoral researcher, University of Cagliari, 2012), and the cultural history of South India. On this topic she has worked as research fellow in the project "Kudiyattam: Living Sanskrit Theater in the Kerala Tradition” (Universities of Jerusalem and Tübingen, 2013-2015), and as principal investigator in the project “Kings of the Wild: the re-use of local and Vedic elements in the legitimation process of Medieval Karnataka” (University of Tübingen, 2015). At the moment she is junior researcher in the project “Farbpräferenzen – ein interdisziplinäres Forschungsvorhaben zum Verhältnis von Farbwahrnehmung und visueller Kultur”. (Exploration Fund, University of Tübingen, Prof. S. Marschall and Dr. A. Werner).
Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen
Areas of expertise:
Vedic literature, Kannada inscriptions and courtly literature, Kerala theatrical tradition
Languages of expertise:
Kannada, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Other language