Anna A. Golovkova

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Anna A. Golovkova received her MA at Columbia University and an MSt with distinction at Oxford. She is a PhD candidate at Cornell University. Her research focuses on the tantras and commentaries on the worship of the Goddess Tripurasundarī, a tradition which later came to be known as Śrīvidyā. Her dissertation analyzes the early development of the cult of Tripurasundarī from the antecedent Nityā cult and its later exegetical reinterpretation in light of Kashmirian Śaiva non-dualism and South-Indian Smārta Brahmanism.
Cornell University
Areas of expertise:
Asian Studies, Religion, Sanskrit Language and Literature, Intellectual history in premodern India, History of Śaiva and Śākta Tantric traditions, Hindu Goddesses, ritual practices in South Asia and in the diaspora
Languages of expertise:
Sanskrit, English