MS Chandigarh DAV College LRL-SPLC 2316

ID: 99170
Works contained:
Located in: Chandigarh
Stored in: DAV College
Shelfmark: 2316
Script: Devanagari
Material: Paper
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Notes from the Manuscript Concordance by Karin Preisendanz, Cristina Pecchia and members of the Vienna Universtiy Caraka Research Project (with correction DW):

Lal Chand Research Library, Dayanand Anglo-Vedic College, Chandigarh, ms. 2315 (Ch d ) {S}
Catalogue of VVRI. Manuscript Collection . . . , no. 2315 (p. 237) [ABC 121] [B 0383] [FSTB/Ha 16: 6243]
Details: 280 folios (sū to ci 3), Devanagari, paper, no date
Remarks: Mss. no. 2314 and 2315 contain a complete CS; they are written by different hands. Most probably mss. no. 2314 and 2315 are mentioned by Narendranath Shastri in the preface to his edition of CS (1929) [La2 E ] link zu no. 26 der Bibliographie. They are recorded as “ka” and “kha”. Moreover, the (combined) ms. is most probably mentioned by Y. T. Ācārya in the introduction to his 3rd edition of the CS (1941) [Bo8 E ] (no. 30 link to bib_ed) (no. 2.3, p. 17) and in the list of manuscripts provided by the Gulabkunverba board in the introduction to their edition of CS (no. xx link to bib_ed) (no. 4, p. 22, possibly duplicated as no. 13, p. 23).

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