ID: 97074
Full name: Amoghavarṣa
Gender: Male
Year of birth: 800 c.
Year of death: 878 c.
Place of death: Malkhed
First regnal year: 815 c.
Last regnal year: 878 c.
Alternative names: Amōghavarṣa, Cakrikābhañjana, Nṛpatuṅga
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Works this person sponsored: Amoghavṛtti
Works that mention this person: Gaṇitasārasaṅgraha, Kalyāṇakāraka, Kavirājamārga
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People this person sponsored: Mahāvīrācārya, Śākatāyana, Ugrāditya
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Teacher: Jinasena
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Been to: Malkhed
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