Chintamani 1934

ID: 96505
Print kind: Book
Short name: Chintamani 1934
Print title: The Uṇādisūtras of Bhoja with the Vṛtti of Daṇḍanātha Nārāyaṇa and the Uṇādisūtras of the Kātantra School with the Vṛtti of Durgasimha
Editor: Chintamani, T. R.
Year: 1934
Address: Madras
Publisher: University of Madras
Series: Madras University Sanskrit Series
Discipline scholarship: Kātantra , Other discipline (Uṇādi), Vyākaraṇa
Genre scholarship: Sūtra , Vṛtti
State scholarship: Tamil Nadu
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