ID: 96377
Full name: Madanasaṃjīvana
Author: Ghanaśyāma
Year: 1730 c.
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Nāṭya
Genre: Bhāṇa, Nāṭya
Alternative names: Madanasañjīvana

The Madanasaṃjīvana is a one-act play (bhāṇa) by Ghanaśyāma. According to Chitra Shukla:

"The hero of the Bhāṇa is a viṭa named Kulabhūṣaṇa, who loves Citralekhā. He goes out to meet her. On his way, he meets a Vedic scholar, a group of Vaiṣṇava ladies and widows, ladies from Gujarat, Andhra, and Maharashtra, a Mādhva preceptor, and Goswamis. He witnesses a street of Prostitutes and the love scenes in different places. He stops to witness a wrestling match, cock-fight, ramfight and meets his beloved in the end."

The play takes placed in Cidambaram.

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