Ṭīkā on Madhva's Viṣṇutattvanirṇaya

ID: 90362
Full name: Ṭīkā on Madhva's Viṣṇutattvanirṇaya
Author: Jayatīrtha
Alternative names: Viṣṇutattvanirṇayaṭīkā

See e751.28.5. A summary by K.T.Pandurangi and K.H.potter is found at EIP 18, 2015, 255-273

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NCC VII, 174
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This work is a commentary on: Viṣṇutattvanirṇaya
Suggested citation: Potter K., S. Maharaj. "Ṭīkā on Madhva's Viṣṇutattvanirṇaya." Pandit. <panditproject.org/entity/90362/work>. Updated on May 09, 2020 01:23 am IST.
Attributed to: Vedānta BORI