Bhāvasena Traividya

ID: 85550
Full name: Bhāvasena Traividya
Gender: Male
Social identifiers: Other social identifier
Other social identifier: Vādiparvatavajra, Traividya
Place of death: Amarāpuram
Activity year: 1250 c.
Alternative names: Bhāvasena Traividya Cakravartin, Bhāvasena Traividyadeva, Bhāvasena Trividya, Vādigirivajra, Vādiparvatavajra Bhāvasena Trividya
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EIP 14, 2013, 535
More facts:
  • Belongs to the Mūlasaṅghasenagaṇa of Digambara Jainas
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Influenced by: Śarvavarman
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