Phillips and Ramanuja Tatacharya 2002

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Gaṅgeśa on the Upādhi: The 'Inferential Undercutting Conditions (tr. Stephen H. Phillips and N.S.Ramanuja Tatacharya). New Delhi 2002

Print title: Gaṅgeśa on the Upādhi, the "inferential undercutting condition": introduction, translation, and explanation
Print kind: Book
Author: Phillips, Stephen H.; Ramanuja Tatacharya, Navalpakkam Sathakopa
Year: 2002
Address: New Delhi
Publisher: Indian Council of Philosophical Research

Study of Upādhiprakaraṇa of Gaṅgeśa, 13th cent., treatise on Navya Nyāya philosophy; includes text and translataion.

ISBN: 8185636583, 9788185636580
Disciplines: Nyāya
Languages: English , Sanskrit
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