Stcherbatsky 1936

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Part One, with Vasubandhu's Bhāṣya and Sthiramati's Ṭīkā, translated by Th. Stcherbatsky. BBudh 30, 1936. Reprinted ISPP 12, 1971, 153-211. Reprinted Calcutta 1970 and frequently after. Selections in Gard.

Print title: Madhyānta-vibhaṅga: discourse on discrimination between middle and extremes / ascribed to Bodhisattva Maitreya and commented by Vasubandhu and Sthiramat
Print kind: Book
Editor: Stcherbatsky, Theodore
Year: 1936
Address: Moscow
Publisher: Academy of Sciences of USSR Press
Volume: 30
Series: Bibliotheca Buddhica
Languages: English
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