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Sanskrit Lotus Sūtra Manuscript from the National Archives of Nepal (no. 4-21). Tokyo 1998

Print title: Sanskrit Lotus Sutra manuscript from the National Archives of Nepal (No. 4-21)
Print kind: Book
Editor: Toda, Hirofumi
Year: 1998
Address: Tōkyō
Publisher: Sōka Gakkai
Edition: Facsimile edition
Volume: 2-1
Series: Lotus Sutra manuscript series

Facsimile reproduction of the palm-leaf Lotus Sutra manuscript (no. 4-21) preserved in the National Archives of Nepal photographed and color proofed by Shoichi Matsuoka. With new introd. by Chief of the National Archives of Nepal Sanimaiya Rana. Acknowledgments and notes on the use of this edition by president of Soka Gakkai Akiya Einosuke.

Languages: English (introduction and notes), Sanskrit (Brāhmī script)
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Source refers as an edition to: Saddharmapuṇḍarīkasūtra
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