ID: 40605
Full name: Kātyāyana
Gender: Male
Activity year: -250 c.
Alternative names: Vararuci

The author of the vārttikas, a series of about 4293 brief sūtra-like comments appended to about 1245 of pāṇini\\'s sūtras. They are the earliest surviving commentary on the aṣṭādhyāyī, although they themselves preserve some fragments of earlier theories. The vārttikas are transmitted embedded in pataJjali's mahābhāṣya, and have to be separated from that text according to certain criteria of higher textual criticism (see Cardona 1976, 247). However MSS of the vārttikapāṭha - pāṇini's sūtras with the vārttikas alone - do exits, and a careful study to establish the character and antiquity of the text they transmit has yet to be done. He may have lived in the mid third century B.C.

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