MS Suri BirbhumDL EAP_NEW_BDL_MSS_00007

ID: 110288
Works contained:
Located in: Suri
Other number: EAP_NEW_BDL_MSS_00007
Also collected in (Collection): EAP BDL MSS Digital Collection
Oldness: Rather old
Year: 1700 c.
Year in Śaka: 1622
Script: Bengali
Material: Palm-leaf
Condition: Damaged
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Number of folios: 13
Extant sheet range: 1–13
Lines per page: 3
Letters per line: 60
Sheet dimensions: 43.0 × 4.0 cm
More facts:
  • Lines per page 3-4
  • The recto of the first folio contains birthdays of 7 individual males, namely Kṛṣṇavallabha Rāya (born on Kṛṣṇā Ekādaśī of Bhādra in 1603 Śaka), Narottama Rāya (born on Śuklā Tṛtīyā of Kārttika in 1607 Śaka), Nārāyaṇa Rāya (born on Kṛṣṇā Ekādaśī of Pauṣa in 1611 Śaka), Rāmānuja (?) Rāya (born on Kṛṣṇā Dvādaśī of Agrahāyaṇa in 1614 Śaka), Rāmadeva (or Vāmadeva) Rāya (born on Śuklā Caturdaśī of Bhādra in 1620 Śaka), Viśvanātha Rāya (born on Śuklā Navamī of Āśvina in 1622 Śaka) and Rāmakṛṣṇa Rāya (born on Kṛṣṇā Caturthī of Caitra). Rāmakṛṣṇa's birthyear is not mentioned. This recto also contains scribbling in thicker and bigger characters by a later hand. On the recto of folio 13, after the end of the text of Dūrvāṣṭamīvrata, there are certain pūjāpaddhati notes.
  • The text of the Dūrvāṣṭamīvrata includes the Dūrvāṣṭamīvratakathā which is said to be a part of the Bhaviṣyapurāṇa.
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