Trivandrum Alphabetical Index of MSS

ID: 109641
Print kind: Book
Short name: Trivandrum Alphabetical Index of MSS
Print title: Alphabetical index of the Sanskrit manuscripts in the University Manuscripts Library, Trivandrum
Author: Kunjam Pillai, Suranand; Raghavan Pillai, K.; Bhaskaran, T.; Amma, Visweswari; Vijayan, K.; Visalakshy, P.
Year: 1957
Until year: 2000
Address: Trivandrum
Publisher: University of Kerala
Volume: 7 vols
Series: Trivandrum Sanskrit Series
More facts:
  • Biswas #1008
  • Description in tabular form of 26,173 Sanskrit mss. Title A-Z. Includes references to the Palace Library collection transferred to theTravancore University, presently known as the University of Kerala and was amalgamated with the University Library in 1940. Now all these mss. are housed in the Oriental Research Institute and Manuscripts Library, University of Kerala.
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