ID: 109579
Full name: Abhidhānaratnamālā
Year: 950 c.
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Kośaśāstra
Alternative names: Halāyudha-kośa, Halāyudha-nāmamālā
Name in local script: हलायुधकोश, हलायुध-नाममाला, अभिधानरत्नमाला
More facts:
  • The first four sections (kāṇḍa) give synsets and the fifth section lists polysemes with their different meanings.
  • This kōśa is unique in that it uses many different metres.
  • This latter fact strengthens the identity of its author with the commentator of the Mṛtasañjīvinī.
  • The text has commentaries by Ājaḍa and Nāgavarma II.
  • Nāgavarma’s Kannada lexicon Abhidhānavastukośa derives much of its structure and content from the Abhidhānaratnamālā.
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