Catalogue of Manuscripts

ID: 109103
Print kind: Book
Short name: Catalogue of Manuscripts
Print title: Catalogue of Manuscripts
Language: English
Year: 2011
Address: Srinagar
Publisher: Department of Libraries and Research, Jammu & Kashmir
Discipline scholarship: Other discipline (Sanskrit Manuscripts Catalogue)
State scholarship: Jammu and Kashmir
  • This is a hand-list of the Sanskrit manuscripts of Oriental Research Library which is under Department of Libraries and Research, Jammu & Kashmir Government. Established in 1904, the library is presently located in University of Kashmir (Allama Iqbal Library Building) since 1975. It has centuries old rare manuscripts. Under the manuscript acquisition programme of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA) it has digitized the manuscripts during 2005-2007 and made available in DVDs. The library has 5582 manuscripts in 17 languages in various scripts.
  • For the Sanskrit manuscripts of the ORL, Srinagar, there are at least 5 catalogues. (1) an unpublished hand-typed and cyclostyled list of the Mss available in the library for private use prepared by Pt Dinanath Yacch and Pt Srikanth Kaul (but their names were not mentioned in there. Later catalogues are very likely based on this catalogue) (2) Deambi's catalogue (only vol. 1 was published) (3) A printed catalogue of the institution (the entire collections i.e. includes manuscripts of other languages as well) (4) A catalogue of the Sanskrit manuscripts available on the website of the institution (5) A catalogue prepared by IGNCA.
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