MS Pune BORI 1875-76 Kashmir Manuscripts 300/1875-76

ID: 108998
Works contained:
  • Extant portions: 2.4.14 to the middle of the Ākhyāta Prakaraṇa
    Note: with Śitikaṇṭha's Nyāsa
  • Extant portions: 2.4.14 to the middle of the Ākhyāta Prakaraṇa
  • Extant portions: 2.4.14 to the middle of the Ākhyāta Prakaraṇa
Located in: Pune
Accession number: 300/1875-76
Currently collected in (Collection): Bühler 1875-76 Kashmir Manuscripts Collection
Other number: 44
Oldness: Fairly old
Script: Sarada
Material: Birch bark
Condition: Poor
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Number of folios: 138
Lines per page: 24
Letters per line: 48
Sheet dimensions: 7 ¹⁄₂ × 7 ¹⁄₂ inch
More facts:
  • Microfilmed by IGNCA in 1989
  • The Ms. is written in Śāradā character on Bhūrja leaves some of which appear newer and less soiled than others. Only three or four leaves are written in bold, clear and legible handwriting; the bulk of the Ms. is written in small and clear writing but as many of the letters have become indistinct and the Ms. is torn in numerous places it is very hard to read the Ms. The margins also of all the leaves are worn off and in many cases some of the lines and letters also. The paging of leaves is thus absent, and though the leaves have been protected by patches of paper and the whole Ms. securely bound in leather, it is very difficult to say whether the paging is continuous as the last lines of many leaves are absent and some of the leaves are actually bound topsyturvy. The difficulty is further enhanced by the fact that the sūtras are quoted by the first letter or two and there is of course no paragraphing. Some of the sūtras have now been traced and two colophons discovered, which enable us to ascertain the author. The Ms. is without beginning or end. Age-- Except some of the fresh-looking leaves the bulk of the Ms. is considerably old in appearance. Author-- Śitikaṇṭhasvāmin, the son of Kṣīrasvāmin (Catalogue mentions Kṣīrasvāmin but it should be Arjunasvāmin. The similarity between Sharada writing of 'rjuna' and 'kṣīra' are described by Alessandro Graheli in one of his forthcoming articles.) Subject-- An extensive commentary on Bālabodhinī, intended to supply omissions and effect correction in it. Begins-- Sūtra 2.4.14 (Prof. Eggeling's edition) occurs in the middle of the first page. The Ms thus begins in the middle of the Kārakapāda of the Nāmaprakaraṇa. Ends-- The fourth pāda of the Ākhyātaprakaraṇa ends on the 10th page from the end. The Ms. thus ends in the middle of the 5th pāda of the Ākhyātaprakaraṇa.
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