MS Pune BORI 1875-76 Kashmir Manuscripts 298/1875-76

ID: 108994
Works contained:
Located in: Pune
Accession number: 298/1875-76
Currently collected in (Collection): Bühler 1875-76 Kashmir Manuscripts Collection
Other number: 42
Microfilm copy: 128-129
Year: 1669
Year in Śaka: 1591
Other era - name and year: (48)45 Saptarṣi Saṃvat
Script: Sarada
Material: Birch bark
Condition: Damaged
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Extant sheet range: 298
Lines per page: 20
Letters per line: 20
Sheet dimensions: 7 ¹⁄₂ × 9 ³⁄₄ inch
More facts:
  • Microfilmed by IGNCA on December 9, 1989
More info:

The Ms. is written on Bhūrjapattras, much soiled by age, in bold, legible Śāradā characters. The margins of leaves torn off and secured by patches of paper. The Ms. is bound in cloth. Begins from fol. 183 of which only a fragment is preserved. Foll. 199-202 as also foll. 220, and 350 absent while foll. 330, and 332-339 are numbered twice. The pūrvārdha ends on fol. 344a; foll. 344 and 354 written on one side only. The work is carried down to the end of the uttarārdha.

Beginning: Only a fragment of fol. 183 exists. Sūtra 3.1.18 (Prof. Eggeling's edition), occurs in the middle of fol. 184a. Thus the work commences early in the first pāda of the Ākhyāta section.

The uttarārdha commences on fol. 345a. In commenting on the first Sūtra the author only says śiddhiśabdo maṅgalārthaḥ, without giving reason why maṅgala was necessary.

At the other side of the last leaf we have a Bhūrja slip pasted which gives the following date-- oṃ saṃvat 72 pauṣa tithi 5 gurau which refers to probably to a mortgage (bandhasthāpitaṃ) of the work to another for one month. The date given in the Report, Saptarṣi 13, may have been due to a hasty glance at the last line which gives 13000 as the total grantha.

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