ID: 108931
Full name: Śāntināthapurāṇa
Author: Asaga
Year: 900 c.
Language: Sanskrit
Other genre: Purāṇa
Length: 2350 verses
Structure: 16 cantos (sarga-s)
Alternative names: Śāntipurāṇa
Name in local script: शान्तिनाथपुराण, शान्तिपुराण

The Śāntināthapurāṇa (SP) is a Sanskrit hagiographical text (purāṇa) written by Asaga [ca. 900CE]. It narrates the tale of the sixteenth jain teacher (tīrthaṅkara) in sixteen cantos (sarga-s). In keeping with the genre, the SP is written in rather simple verses – mostly in the epic metre anuṣṭubh. In the biographical verses (kavipraśasti) at the end of the SP, Asaga mentions that he was a pupil of Nāganandi [of the Nandi gaṇa]. He also states that he wrote this SP for his devout friend Jināpa (Jinappa?) after he wrote the ornate Sanmati-caritram (a.k.a Vardhamāna-caritra).

The SP contains as much of (Digambara) jaina doctrinal material as it has the biographical narrative of Śāntinātha, the doctrinal content being more in the later sections. The philosophical segments seem to derive from the Tattvārthasūtra.

The Kannada Śāntipurāṇa-s of Ponna and Kamalabhava draw much from Asaga’s SP.

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