ID: 108815
Full name: Caṇḍīśataka
Attributed author: Bāṇa
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Kāvya
Length: 100 verses (mostly) in the sragdharā metre
Name in local script: चण्डीशतक

The Caṇḍīśataka (CS) attributed to Bāṇa is a devotional poem (stotrakāvya) in 102 verses (mostly in the sragdharā metre). It describes the adventures of goddess Durga and her conquest of the Buffalo demon (Mahiṣa); and imitates the Sūryaśataka of Mayūra in its complex style, wordplay and long compounds.

Rarely quoted by anthologists and poeticians, the CS is cited in Śārṅgadhara’s Paddhati (14th c. CE), Bhoja’s Sarasvatīkaṇṭhābharaṇa (11th c. CE) and Śrīdharadāsa’s Saduktikarṇāmṛta (1206 CE).

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