ID: 108801
Full name: Subandhu
Gender: Male
Social identifiers: Mahākavi
Activity year: 600 c.
Name in local script: सुबन्धु

Subandhu is the author of the prose kāvya Vāsavadattā‧kathā [VK]. Bāṇa [c.650 CE] is much indebted to Subandhu for style images and diction, and he names the Vāsavadattā in the prefatory verses of his Harṣacarita. The poetologist Vāmana [ca. 800 CE] describes Subandhu as being a minister of Candragupta’s son [Kumāragupta I]. It is also possible that Subandhu either composed or inspired the verses on the king Candra in the Mehrauli Iron pillar inscription.

In his Abhinavabhārati, Abhinavagupta (c 975 CE) attributes a play Vāsavadattā‧nāṭya‧dhārā [VND] to Subandhu, that may be the source of the verse adduced by Vāmana.

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