ID: 108545
Full name: Dṛḍhabala
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Pañcanadapura
Activity years: 300 c. - 500 c.

Dṛḍhabala is the author who completed the Carakasaṃhitā, as declared by himself. He states in the last chapter of the Cikitsāsthāna (Ci.30.289--290): "Since seventeen chapters, and also those of the Kalpa and Siddhi (sections), of Agniveśa's tantra as revised by Caraka, are not available, Dṛḍhabala, the son of Kapilabala, wrote these missing portions, in order to truthfully complete this important treatise"; in the last chapter of the Siddhisthāna (Si.12.36cd--40ab) he expresses himself in the following words: "A redactor (saṃskartar) enlarges what is concisely stated and abridges prolixities, making an old treatise thus up-to-date again: in that way, this excellent treatise, full of truth, redacted by the very learned Caraka, (but) seen to be incomplete by one-third (tribhāgena), was fully restored, after propitiating Śaṃkara, the lord of living beings, by Dṛḍhabala, born in Pañcanada pura; he gleaned a mass of relevant information (viśeṣonchaśiloccaya) from many books, filling with it seventeen chapters on treatment (auṣadhādhyāya), the Kalpa(sthāna) and the Siddhi(sthāna)". -- Meulenbeld, HIML

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Father: Kapilabala
Influenced by: Agniveśa, Caraka
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