MS Pune BORI 1875-76 Kashmir Manuscripts 431-1875-76

ID: 104060
Works contained:
Located in: Pune
Shelfmark: 431-1875-76
Currently collected in (Collection): Bühler 1875-76 Kashmir Manuscripts Collection
Script: Devanagari
Material: Paper
Condition: Good
Physical completeness: Complete
Number of folios: 16
Original number of folios: 16
Lines per page: 14
Letters per line: 48
Sheet dimensions: 12 ¹⁄₂ × 5 ¹⁄₄ inch
More info:

Country paper; Devanāgarī characters; handwriting medium, clear and uniform. Borders ruled with three black lines, two of which have been filled with red ink, on obverse. Verse numbers enclosed in red daṇḍas. Folio numbers on left top and right bottom margins on reverse. Reverse foll. either ruled with thick red lines or left unruled. This red ink differs from that used for punctuation marks and may therefore be later in origin than either of the two inks used on the obverse. From foll. 11 no red ink used for punctuation marks. Fairly old.

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Attributed to: Vedānta BORI