Type relationships

PANDiT is built with the open-source Drupal content management system. Here we share some technical and structural information about the database and the website. Specifically, we provide here a complete list of our content types and the way they are related to each other. No technical skill or prior information is required in order to understand this information.

Structure: Relationships Phases

Over the years we have added new entity types and new relationships among the types. Each page displays a snapshot of the types and relationships of a phase.

Each snapshot contains:

  • DIAGRAM - We visualize the types and the relationships among them using a class diagram. The notation used is a simplified UML. In short, a rectangle represent a type and an arrow represents a reference to another type. The image that displays the diagram was rendered using the online a tool yUML. You can re-render the diagram with the script given.
  • SCRIPT - A code-like text with human readable notation to render the diagram online. The script can also help you understand the essence of the relationship because it might be difficult to read the names of the relationships in the diagram itself.

The most updated diagram and script can always be found in the Relationships tab in our configuration spreadsheet.

Keep on browsing to the next pages in order to see the current types and corresponding relationships and to track the evolution of them.