Print sources

The Print entity type has many kinds. We define them here.

Print kinds

These are sub-types of the Print entity type.

  • Article - An article in a scholarly journal.
  • Book - A book.
  • In book - A chapter in a book by a single author (that is, the chapter is by the same author as the entire book). Different from book stating the chapter because only one chapter is relevant.
  • In Collection - An essay or chapter printed in a multi-author volume.
  • Booklet - A booklet that is usually sold on the street.
  • Proceedings - An entire volume of conference proceedings, where all the papers delivered are provided.
  • Inproceedings - A paper, abstract, or other contribution found in "Inproceedings."
  • Phd Thesis - Doctoral thesis approved by an academic institution.
  • Master Thesis - MA Thesis approved by an academic institution.
  • Conference - A paper read at a professional conference (but not published).
  • Misc - Any item not covered by the other source categories.
  • Unpubished - An unpublished paper which the author has nonetheless shared with colleagues.