Data quality

We try to document any comments or doubts about the data entered or even potentially contradictory information if such exists. Use the "Data quality" field that is located at the bottom of the entity editing form.

Questionable data

If you have doubts regarding the data.

Format: FIELD_NAME: [source] - [Questionable/Suspicious/Probably wrong]
Example from a Manuscript entity - Number of folios: Questionable

Data conflicts among sources

If it is impossible to be sure immediately or absolutely which data is correct, add the data that you think is correct to the dedicated fields. Add that data and also the other data into the "Data quality" field, like this:

Format: FIELD_NAME: Conflict - According to [source1]: [value1]; According to [source2]: [value2];
Example: Number of folios: Conflict - According to Deambi's catalog: 496; According to dept. catalog: 502

Wrong data

If you can be immediately and absolutely certain that one of the data is wrong, don't enter it in the dedicated field. Rather, add the wrong data into the "Data quality" field, noting the source and noting that this is wrong.

Format: FIELD_NAME: Wrong - According to [source], [fact]. Reason - [reason].
Example: TODO


Example from a Work entity - Name: As assigned by NGMPP