ID: 108651
Full name: Bhojasaṃhitā
Author: Bhoja
Year: 500 c.
Availability: Unavailable
Discipline: Vaidyaśāstra
Alternative names: Bhojatantra

The work is know through extensive citations by Ayurvedic commentators.

"Bhoja is an ancient authority who composed a work of his own that may hae resembled the Suśrutasaṃhitā in being of a comprehensive nature, although laying emphasis on śalya and śālākya. Bhoja's treatise, referred to as a saṃhitā or tantra ...." -- Meulenbeld, HIML, 690.

"Bhoja's treatise may belong ot the period in which the saṃhitā of Suśruta was revised; it may even be earlier and belong to Suśruta's sources... " HIML, 691.

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