ID: 96410
Full name: Vṛddhagargasaṃhitā
Author: Garga
Attributed author:
Year: 100 c.
Discipline: Jyotiḥśāstra
Genre: Saṃhitā
Alternative names: Bṛhadgāgrīyasaṃhitā, Vṛddhagārgīyā Jyotiṣasaṃhitā

A dialogue on astrology between Nārada and Vṛddhagārgya or Vṛddhagārgi (as the purāṇa entitled Gargasaṃhitā also involves Nārada and Garga along with others).


A dialogue on astral and other omens between Krauṣṭuki (Ṛṣiputra) and Garga in many adhyāyas. The following table of contents, though based on several manuscripts, is not definitive.

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